Pantry Chaos

Well to say the least this is the last thing in the forefront of my mind when I’m busy following a schedule or racing around after my kids… But its true and proven having a well stocked and tidy pantry is truly at the heart of every buzzing kitchen, these food stores can become chaotic (like your children at the best of times), its all to easy when having a young family stuffing things anywhere you can see a space, food falling out, breadcrumbs, split flour or food items appearing to be past their use by date. Its an excellent prompt to make sometime and clean and de-clutter your food storage for peace of mind.

Organization, De clutter and Clear Labeling can be so beneficial!

Whether your pantry has two doors or three or you have a dedicated storage room, good organization is key to making the space work for you and your family. There are so many benefits for being the owner of a tidy pantry/food storeage, deciding what to eat is easier and creating and planning meals is much more efficient and inspiring when you know what you have in your pantry. Knowing what you have in your pantry on hand also saves time and brings more flow to your meal preparation. When your pantry is clean and tidy it becomes more appealing so cooking and baking becomes enjoyable. With your pantry its all about only buying what you need and cutting out the impulse purchasing, scaling your pantry for what you have makes it easier to go out and buy what you need also saving you money.

Storage Tips

Chilled and Frozen

A fridge and freezer play an important role in my family keeping, all my food for the week or two ahead fresh/frozen having little ones its good to know what to clean, keep and how to handle the items on my shelves to keep them fresh and eatable without any nasty bacteria or frost bite getting to my used

  • Ready to eat cooked food is best kept on the top shelf
  • Raw foods should be stored at the bottom of the fridge in sealed containers to prevent cross contamination
  • Wipe all moister from fruit, vegetables, bottles and containers before refrigerating them.
  • Keep frozen food in air tight packages to prevent freezer burn which can degrade food
  • Fresh food always has a shelf life only purchase what you can consume.

Fresh fruit and Vegetables

Fruit and Vegetables can be put in all sorts of spaces, whether it be the top or the bottom of your household refrigerator, but if stored correctly you will get fresher quality fruit and vegetables longer! Here are some easy tips to keep them at their best.

  • Store fruit and vegetables away from direct sunlight, nectarines, peaches, kiwi fruit and plums emit ethylene gas which ripens the fruit and can prematurely spoil vegetables whilst in storage.
  • Potato, sweet potato, onions, pumpkins and garlic can be stored in a cool place away from sunlight as long as there is adequate air circulation.
  • Keep avocados, tomatoes, bananas, apples and oranges on the bench top.
  • Its recommended to keep all cabbage spinach, carrots,cauliflower and mushrooms in the fridge
  • Regularly check your fruit and vegetables sometimes when times get busy that poor cucumber sitting at the bottom of the cooler can start to liquefy and spoil its healthier counter parts ( from experience)

Pantry tips

Use clear containers

Keep food in clear containers its a simple and effective way of storing sugar, flour, raisins and herbs if you want to be more specific, glass lidded containers are the best. If these containers are grouped together and labeled its presentable and eye catching. Because the food is labeled you can see what you have and what needs topping up.

Don’t always by in bulk

Weighing up whether you consume all you brought in that sale at the local fruit shop or your favorite supermarket can end up leaving excess food to waste, this is called stockpiling food, especially snacks (which is what I have done in the past for lunches) it can cause you to over eat more than usual, simple because the food is there, only buy if your product has a good shelf life and buying in bulk if its ethical to do so

Plan your meals

Writing a meal planner for the week based on the food you have in stock, place it on your fridge or cupboard door as a reminder of the amazing meals planned for the wee. You can make a delicious meal with yummy left overs and less waste saving you money. Be inventive search cookbooks you love and try find ingredients that are easy available in your pantry and that you and your family enjoy. I am a master in my kitchen and plan ahead and like meals that have a left over or two keeps me and my family happy with variety.

Make a shopping list

This is so important I wouldnt go near the shops without being armed with a shopping list, who has time to remember what you have in your cupboard 24/7. Your shopping list is better than guessing and will save you money.

Stay Tidy

Every week I review my pantry before making a shopping list and while I’m taking a look I rearrange and organize it again this way it stays clean and tidy and I know where everything is. It doesn’t take to much time and keeping it clean means everyone wins.