Hello and welcome to my page love life foodie, I started this blog originally because I had some great ideas and felt compelled to write about my lifestyle, healthy food, mindfulness and embrace the creativity that flows through it. I have the most amazing time sharing all the inspiration and story’s/blogs with you I hope you love my page and give it a like or a follow you wont regret it. x

Where I come from

I was born in Christchurch, New Zealand and lived a whole twenty two years there until I decided to adventure away nervously across the ditch to Australia that was twelve years ago . Ive traveled up and down the North and South of New Zealand during my lifetime and seen the immaculate beautiful of my home country and understand the rich culture and the amazing wonderful people, there is something mystical about it and I have so much ancestral history. I am proudly from the tribe Ngāti Porou tribe a Māori iwi traditionally located in the East Cape and Gisborne regions of the North Island of New Zealand.

I have a large amazing family with some very strong and independent woman we have shared this life together through all the low and highs I’m so proud of my sisters and my forever supportive and inspiring mother, creating wonderful lives full of real moments of becoming mothers, partners and wives. Reaching goals and going hard through the toughest darkest moments this life can throw at them. I couldn’t have been blessed with a more caring passionate bunch of lady’s to call my family. The men in our lives are just as amazing and strong and are the kindest and loyal men I know! My nephews and niece are adorable and so cool they make me laugh and are such down to earth sweethearts (lucky Auntie here)

I feel incredibly blessed with my little family we have a loving home and all we need in that sense… as they say love doesn’t cost a thing!

Although times can be tough cause lets face it children can be potential mood killers and drain you of life sometimes, but I’m so admirably and wholeheartedly proud of my two boys and all the amazing characteristics and love they possess for each other and other people (compassionate boys) and their love for hobbies and their energy as they rocket around the house or crazily riding a scooter or car around the drive and anything crazy or insane little boys do they are right there doing it!

My partner Tim has been a huge part of my growth and we have seen a good solid seven years of life together hes the father of my two boys, he is the most amazing father and partner a really solid and supportive best friend and we love each other dearly we want a long life together and nothing but the best for each other, he is a stand out worker and always has provided so much in our lives and hearts.

Thank you for joining me I hope you enjoy my Blog Love Life Foodie – Cassie xox

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