Courage and the benefits you reap from having it.

Having Courage!

A lot of people say “I have what it takes, I have alot of courage inside” but do they really? Courage is a word that’s used too lightly these day’s. Courage is something that can make your life the greatest it’s been or fall from the highest heights, it is all dependent on how we truly use it.

There is no such thing as “not good enough” so go ahead and clear that thought from your mind. Moving on to “YOU” are great, beautiful, smart, worthy. How does that make you feel? Do you feel slightly more confident hearing those words spoken directly at you? Of course you do, because words have power!

“You are NOTHING” Focus on those words, you are WORTHLESS, UGLY, DUMB! Now how do you feel? No one can hear that and not be affected by such low and ugly words.

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with courage perhaps? Sadly everyday people are being told these words in many forms and losing themselves in the process. It’s all through others actions, words, and thoughts. The worst part is that people believe it and let it control them or control their day.


Words have power rather if we like it or not, so we need to learn how to control the words we use. Speak words of life to others even people who beat you down with their words. Lift them up and I guarantee they will begin lifting others.

Courage makes you feel all sorts of amazing things holding huge benefits to your mental health and what you feel, also your ability to hit your goals and overcome challenges big or small and rise above situations that seem to bring your world down.

Here’s what a good dose of courage does:

1. You feel more confident. (It takes more to bring you down than usual)

2. You see things differently. (The glass is half full, the sun is brighter!)

3. You lift others up. (People always need encouraging so give others what they need)

4. You gain experience. (Courage brings you to take chances you normally wouldn’t and you grow from new experiences)

5. You are more successful. (People are always looking to those who truly show courage)

6. You’re admired. (People notice when others have courage, and they in return try to model themselves after them)

7. You are truly HAPPY. (Having courage brings happiness and joy to your life, and makes it worth living)

These are really great benefits that not only help you, but everyone else around you too.

I hope you find courage in every situation and inside your heart and follow your instincts to be the best you can be.

I’d love to hear your story or thoughts on courage.

Cassie xoxo

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