Safe to say we all have bad day’s, true FML moments, Is this is you, read on..

Whether it’s the local trolley guy standing there, browsing his phone like there is somewhere else he would rather be and looking around casually like FML or the dad sitting in the park with a carton of Bundaberg rum stuffed in the back of a Kmart pram (kids running around potty) with an expression on his face of ‘I’m having a bad day’ (or my rums going cold) or the young girl at the checkout, who looks so miserable like someone stole Christmas, perhaps having a ‘FML’ moment?

Well we all have them, it seems the older we get and the more ‘responsibility’ we have, we naturally feel the need to try balance our lives and in reality bad days seem to pop up one after the other from time to time and that perhaps it’s all one big FML moment.

I’ve looked around and found not everyone looks like they are having a FML moment or a dreaded bad day, but they are what I consider to be ‘truly lucky’ that day.

As a mum I’ve found having a bad day is really a passing joke we have amongst each other to feel more relateable about the bad day’s we live through with family, we have conversations like ‘my kid lost it at the mall it was so embarrassing’ or ‘Ive just done 20 loads of washing after my kid threw up over and over again I’m so tired I can’t think straight’ (FML moments) We are thrust into the day to day reluctantly sometimes with work, schedules, children, family and everyday hurdles can all comically become a bad day or FML moment.

If we could predict when our bad days would happen, everyone would take the time off to hide away in our bed under the sheets until it’s over.

However, it’s the unpredictability of a bad day that makes the series of unfortunate misadventures all the more painful.

Sometimes it’s not a variety of events that plague a bad day, sometimes it’s one tragically embarrassing moment that destroys any hope of prosperity.

While we all have a collection of moments that have been embedded in our brain for being downright humiliating, everyone has had one moment that truly stands out. However, as bad as you think your ‘why me’? and ‘FML’ moments are, some people seriously take the grand prize, it could be your neighbour or your best friend, your partner or even your child so be aware you never truly know the depth of humiliation or trauma a bad day can have on someone or how far we go to hide them.

Bad day or ‘FML’ moments

When your partner calls you by another’s name
When your child decides to have a fit in a public place
Having no money, late bill that can’t be paid Someone jumping in front of you at the shops
Running out of fuel or breaking down on a highway
Losing your wedding/engagment ring
Being left for someone else. Monday. Spilling oil on your favourite shirt before going out or you get fired from work

If you have ever encountered a bad day or ‘FML’ moment then like the rest of us lock it away and maybe one-day it’ll be a story you’ll laugh about and share down the line once your over it.

Have you had a bad day lately or a FML moment, please feel free to share and take the sting off the rest of us.

Cassie x

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