Being ‘healthy’ with curves and a belly isn’t negative.

Not all of us have an Instagram perfect pout, look like a bikini clad model or even dare to put up a selfie out of place or that’s not close to perfection of ourselves, on a positive note we are what we want to be (that’s also a wonderful fact about women we are what we believe ourselves to be) but when it comes to having a perfect banging body shape it’s just a fact our bodies are not made to fit the forms of such perfectly shaped specimens. It’s physically and mentally draining to live as though our bodys are supposed to be perfect.

Weight fluctuates

Its important to exercise regularly and eat healthy to avoid an unhealthy weight or feeling terrible about not fitting your clothes, it’s equally as important to pay attention to your body and understand what it needs to function at its highest performance.

I know from experience that it’s easy to fall into that routine of looking at yourself in the mirror and wondering what you can do to get rid of your problem areas, I’ve been there and it happens to everyone at one stage or another.


Everyday the media plays a part to feed us the idea that not being the right type of body shape or having a ‘real’ curvy belly is wrong and that it isn’t aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but that is something that should be “fixed.” I do believe society is embracing healthy curves as beautiful. Woman are stepping up for other woman and showing that realistic picture after having a baby, wearing a bikini with lots of curves and not afraid to be edgy with plus size styles, that isn’t just an oversized t-shirt.

When you feel the pinch and dislike ‘yourself’ and your body or even the way it looks we cave and submit to trying diets and juice cleanses, drops, weightloss teas, all sorts of methods draw us in to drop the kilos, I find them all to be overwhelmingly, underwhelming and rely on my self control and a diet of fruit and vegetables and leaner meats where possible to control my weight, diet fads are just that fads, short term solutions.

While certain diets do work for specific people, it’s easy to forget that everybody has different needs ‘even our own’ so not losing weight results in personal disappointment and frustration, as if we’ve done something wrong in trying falling into a repeated cycle.

We become so easily attuned to the idea that reducing belly fat and losing weight are the ultimate goals of fitness, and we lose sight of the fact that exercising and eating healthy for the sake of feeling healthy is a goal to strive toward in itself.

The plain truth of our weight and body and how it feels (not just woman either)

Most of us in some way feel insecure about our body’s and body image, the truth is, it is common to feel disappointed, whether it’s behind closed doors or walking down the street to dislike our bodies, unable to look in the mirror. Many of us refuse to be photographed, go swimming, try on clothes at the shop or go to certain social occasions, especially events where appearance will be a focus.

Body dissatisfaction often leads to over eating, excessive exercise, abuse substances, undergo cosmetic procedures or even develop eating disorders. Many of us even avoid exercise or leaving the house because of the fear of exposing our bodies to discrimination or the public eye in extreme cases.

But many women who eat healthy and exercise still have fat around their stomach because that’s the way their bodies are built. So what are we supposed to do?

When it comes to my body, I know I feel my best if I eat whole foods packed with protein and nutrients, but I also feel great when I let myself have a few lines of chocolate or those foods you are only supposed to eat once in a blue moon or that I’ve been craving every now and then without planning to punish myself for it later working out. And if I let myself indulge a little, I don’t beat myself up about it, because I know that losing some weight here and gaining a little there isn’t a body crime it’s a perfectly normal part of being alive, living and being human.

In the end, we should exercise for our hearts and because it keeps us feeling strong.

Our bodies are built to adapt and change based on the nutrition and exercise we put into them, and having a flat stomach isn’t a part of the equation for everyone. It isn’t for me, but I still choose to eat foods that are considered healthy for the benefits they have on my energy levels, mental health, skin, and general well-being.

We shouldn’t be force-feeding ourselves salads so we can look lighter for an “after” picture, but there are ways of figuring out what foods and types of exercise will help us to be in our best personal physical shape and what makes doing exercise fun and long-term that doesn’t always involve losing weight.

For me, the first step to eating healthier is to listening to intuition and my body to understand when I’m full and when I’m not and eating the right amount of food depending on my hunger level.

After all, what’s the point of tricking your body into feeling full with water and nutrition shakes when you could actually eat healthy, filling foods like almonds, hummus, or fresh fruit that make you feel good and are good for you? Staying hydrated is crucial, but so is eating a healthy combination of fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, and fats that satisfy your body completely.

In the end, we should exercise for our wellbeing and to be content in our hearts, because it keeps us feeling strong and mindful. We should eat healthy, because it’s good for our body and mind and gives us the energy we need to be productive throughout the day.

We should all feel free to live our lives with some carbs in our bellies and smiles on our faces.

I hope you enjoyed reading and love your body and belly it’s your temple it’s beautiful

Cassie xo

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