Peace, Love, Happiness and Balance


As someone still pretty young (well, sort of), I’m still learning, and hope to keep learning up until the day I die preferably as someone very old, but still young at heart.

Just a thought…

Happiness is not something considered to be planned or organised, I’ve found I can only be happy in the present moment alot of the time, We’ve all heard of the phrase ‘fake it until you make it’ but how about ‘fake it until you feel it’.

Happiness is truly a state of being, a quality that radiates from within us all. We have to know what happiness is, to know when it’s absent. If happiness starts by making the decision to be happy, can we fake it until we begin to feel it?

It’s worth giving it a go!!

What we think matters.

We can let our thoughts control our lives or we can choose not to attach to them and listen to our gut instinct instead. Our thoughts will keep us small; how ever our inner wisdom is huge!

Pain is mostly in our heads.

We all can suffer terrible physical pain and losses that seem unbearable. But don’t discount your suffering, it’s the stuff we made for ourselves in our minds that is often most painful like guilt, resentment, bitterness. We relive pain over and over in our heads. Pretty silly.


There really is no black and white.

The yin and yang symbol may be black and white, but each part of the circle is constantly merging into the other. We perceive dark because of the absence of light, night becomes day they complement each other, not opposites. Without one we could not appreciate the other. And then there is hot, warm, cool, cold, freezing….

Be kind to yourself.

I have spent many of my thirty five years not particularly ‘at times’ being very kind to myself. I made my life more miserable than it needed to be with my high expectations and harsh judgments of myself. Think of how you would treat a good friend in the same situation. It’s likely to be much kinder, and you should show yourself the same understanding. You deserve it.

Self-love is not selfishness.

Its taken me a long time (still learning) to understand that I need to fully love myself in order to love others fully. Actually, I’m still grasping this one. It’s not selfish to love yourself, it’s the only path to giving abundantly. Self-esteem is good, selfishness is ego (big difference)

Children are our greatest teachers.

My children remind me of happiness and love a freedom in them I’ve forgotten sometimes reminding me that things are always simpler than what I make them. They give us a reason to be selfless and forgive our selfish ways. They can be loud, annoying, and demanding, and make us achingly weary at times. But they are worth it. Spend some quality time with your baby’s as much as you can.

Loss transforms to gain.

There is a magic that transforms loss into gain, if we are willing to let the magic work. In fact, we only truly appreciate gain when we have lost. We gain strength, learn lessons, and learn to appreciate and gain anew when loss comes around again, as it inevitably will.

We are all connected.
We are all one.

Not only are we all connected in a universal way, but in essence we are all one. I know it for sure when I see the light of togetherness shining through all our differences, and most especially when I look into my children’s eyes.

Contentment is found in balance.

There will be joys and sorrows, losses and gains. There will inevitably be change. Our challenge is to embrace acceptance, to be content.

It’s amazing the things we can achieve with some love, peace, happiness, balance and reconnecting to ourselves keep up the amazing life you live stay strong and I’m sending abundance love and light to you from me!

Cassie x

4 thoughts on “Peace, Love, Happiness and Balance”

  1. Love reading all your post Cassie, admire you for sharing your pain, love and joy. You have a beautiful sole and have so much to offer people. Looking forward to reading more of your insightfull thoughts and advice.Love always Jill

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    1. Thank you so much Jill, I appreciate that so much 🤗 It’s nice to share the good with the bad and fun and the serious as well. Thank you again for such a beautiful comment hope you and john are well. Take care Love Cassie x


  2. I love learning and growing reading 📖 your blog has helped me learn and grow thank you – you are truly beautiful and inspiring 😊

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