Why I keep seeing the number 11

A beautiful spot on the beach from where I live I feel so aligned at my local beach
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After going through a loss recently I have been going through the motions and dealing with everything as humanly as possible being a mother of two boys having a busy lifestyle with endless checklists I barely have noticed the time fly!

Since being in that place of loss and grief with my life constantly moving forward from it, there is one thing that has been a consistent reminder to keep my head straight it’s the strangest thing.

I’ve consistently noticed the number ’11.’ It seems that every time I check my phone it’s 11 minutes past the hour, 11:11 or 1:10 it rolls on like this through out my day everyday now for the past three months.

Other people I know have remarked on how they have days where all they see is ‘11’ as well, so what does it mean?

What seeing the number ’11’ now means to me

My peace my happiness during hard times
Photo by cassielovelifefoodie

When I reflected on it, what came to me very clearly was that it is a sign of aligning myself my mindset when it felt like it was slipping from my grief and confusion about my life. The double ‘1’ representing two lines of a track, for me, indicating that in my life ‘I’m on track,’ ‘I’m moving in the right direction.’

Being curious by nature I’ve done some research and came across some more fascinating explainations for seeing ’11’

As I’m someone who firmly believes in Angels and guides noticing the number ‘11’ is like seeing a white feather, a sign that my Angels are close by supporting and guiding me through my situation my life in fact!

Another take on it is that every time ‘11’ comes into my awareness it’s a reminder to be more vigilant about my thinking, my thoughts can race around and when ’11’ pops up I stop and think about where my head’s at in that moment.

Thoughts are energy, so am I thinking loving or fearful thoughts? Am I focused on what I want or what I don’t want?

Interestingly enough I’ve found an amazing author Kyle Gray who’s book ‘Raise your Vibration’ is amazing, he also speaks about the number ‘11.’ His take on it I can completely relate too. He views the number ‘11’ as a wakeup call, a prompt to share your wisdom and knowledge with others. Specifically he refers to it as a ‘wakeup call for lightworkers’ people who have a message of love, abundance and joy to share with the world. Repeatedly noticing ‘11’ means you are a lightworker and it’s now time to step into your power (by further connecting with a higher power) and voice what you know to be true for the greater good of all.

We can be so wishy washy when it comes to what we believe in. It’s time for those of us who know and believe in inclusion, the good in people, beauty, harmony, generosity, kindness and abundance to be equally committed to the cause of spreading love.

Seeing the number 11 (10 plus times a day) I now take as a gentle push forward by the Universe to let my light shine even brighter. It has also prompted me to get really clear as to what I believe and stand for.

I may not be able to influence world affairs, religious bigotry, global injustice, or even you but perhaps I can be more vocal in my own environment through my writing using my heart and soul to guide me better through my day.

We can place any meaning on anything we choose.

Ironically, the first lesson from the spiritual text ‘A Course in Miracles,’ (this is a really amazing book!) says ‘nothing around me means anything.’ People have believed in superstitions for a longtime, a rabbits foot for luck, don’t walk under a ladder etc. Maybe noticing repeated ‘11s’ means nothing and now because I’m aware of it, it’s engraved in that part of my brain that determines what I focus on -I’ll now see it, because I’m looking for it.

But I choose to place a meaning on it that’s right for me at this time and those meanings that Angels are close, to be clear about my intentions, that I’m on track and that it is now time to up the ante in terms of messages of love and inclusion, all the most amazing human qualities, resonates with me, excites me and simply feels right.

Thank you for reading my post do you see a repetitive number or anything similar of the likeness?

Please feel free to share your story below

Cassie xox

4 thoughts on “Why I keep seeing the number 11”

  1. I have an infinity with the number 33 or 3 I see on letter boxes and all thru my day I also have 3 beautiful daughters who consume my existence-how lucky am l in life – 33 good reasons why 😘

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