Healthy Lifestyle…. but on a budget?

When I think of fitness and health I think over priced gyms, costly classes, where are my kids going to go, will I get there on time and will I have enough to pay for everything my heart and mind are set on. Many people assume a healthy lifestyle means a big hole in the budget. Myths include: staying fit requires expensive gym memberships and eating well equals eating into your grocery bill with the most over priced organic products. Wrong. If you want to take ownership of your health, you can easily do so without a huge expense.

Exercise and Keeping Track of your Food Intake

You can find countless free activity’s to keep you mind and body healthy, let the journey begin!
  • Start writing down your daily food intake down to the last crumb in a food diary it will help you understand your patterns and what you really should or shouldn’t be eating.
  • Use a health/fitness app, one I personally love is My fitness pal its amazing I have used this around three times and it has payed off I’m more aware of whats healthier, what is going in my mouth and my fitness pal monitors your food and calorie intake, it also collects information on food you record to more easily enter your daily food choices. My Fitness pal has settings you can modify to suit how fast or slow you want to lose your weight this will sync to your other devices and apps it very clever and easy to use. I also use my Fitbit Alta with My Fitness Pal to record my exercise. Having a Fitbit is great it keeps you on your feet with active reminders to move and congrats you when you achieve your steps for the day.
  • Working out can be achieved from home, I love Pilates and there is an amazing channel on U tube I subscribed to called eFIT30 they do amazing core, butt, abs, arms, thighs, strengthening and toning work outs. They do a massive variety from Pilates, dance, fit ball, kettle bell, weights and Pilates circle. There are more just jump on and search the type of exercise you enjoy or challenge yourself with.
  • If your looking for the ultimate free workout it is non other than fresh air and the great outdoors there is a winning combination already and its ‘free’ you just need to put aside the time and motivation…. push yourself to create a routine and get out there with friends or your children walk, jog or both use the amenities provided hills, steps or trails.

30-60 minutes of daily exercise at home is a key component of having a healthy lifestyle on a budget. We must use our muscles consistently to ensure our bodies remain flexible as we age. Personally, yoga, Pilates or a brisk walk or swim helps me release the busy day.

Health, Fitness and Beauty shouldn’t cost the earth

Make your beauty products, it can be fun and you can try different combinations for your skin

Costly beauty products are an unnecessary expense as you can make your own using ingredients from your pantry. Face masks can be made using honey, turmeric and lemon juice. Soaps can easily be made with shea butter and green tea, and mixing sugar and essential oils makes a body scrub.

Use a meal plan to manage a healthy lifestyle on a budget

It’s important to be prepared for your meals. Doing so ensures you don’t buckle and buy unhealthy and expensive take outs, splash out on unnecessary groceries or meander away from your healthy eating plan.

Breakfasts: Try prepare five make-ahead breakfasts, such as frittatas or bircher muesli, muffins can be stored in the fridge ready to go, you can also try overnight oats.

Lunch/Dinner: One Sunday a month try batch baking four lunches such as a vegetarian Shepherds pie with cauliflower mash, salmon coconut fish cakes or a veggie bake, and store them in the freezer. These can be served at a later date with a leafy green salad or steamed vegetables for a nutritious, satisfying meal.

Snacks: A variation of humus dips such as turmeric and cauliflower, beetroot or carrot or try coconut/natural yogurt and fruit and mixed nuts.

Drinks: Matcha green tea smoothie (more in Healthy and Delicious Recipes) ,soup or a matcha, lemon and fresh ginger quencher to sip on throughout the day. This keeps me hydrated, my immune system in check and my metabolism high.

Make the most of your ingredients

To save money, time and avoid waste, consider how you can maximize ingredients. Roast a chicken for one meal, save the leftovers and boil the carcass for a delicious homemade nourishing stock, both of which you can freeze. In the following days, use the leftovers to make a vegetable chicken risotto, soup or a chicken salad/wrap.

Please feel free to check out some easy healthy recipes in the the Health and Delicious Recipes section of my blog.

There is a world of amazing ideas saving you time and money and not sacrificing your health and wellbeing. Id love to hear what you do to stay fit and healthy and your ideas on food saving tips and tricks, please leave a comment below, Cassie xo

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