The Power of Practising Positive Affirmations in your life

“It’s not what you say out of your mouth that determines your life, it’s what you whisper to yourself that has the most power.”

– Robert Kiyosaki

I found affirmation cards to be the most encouraging when I need something to place my focus into, something to confirm my strengths, I feel strength in practicing them absorbing the meaning for myself and my situation. When I practice them I choose one to focus on daily or two. I speak the affirmation out loud letting it resonate in my mind for the day, the empowering feelings they give you is truly nothing but magical!

It’s so easy to have positive thoughts about the people we love admiring them if they are talented, kind, smart, beautiful—but have you stopped to consider recently that you’re those things too?

Here’s how you can make positive affirmations apart of daily life:

Celebrating small wins and remember to congratulate yourself, even when you do something that may seem or feel unimportant. Maybe you ate well that day, meditated two days in a row, or held your tongue instead jumping the gun on something you didn’t agree with to a friend or family member. Say to yourself, “Great job!” Because success in life is only ever just a series of small wins.

Here’s the wonderful gift in all of this: When you affirm yourself, it somehow unofficially greenlights others to do the same. I’m told by a lot of people that I’m a great listener, open and encouraging because I put myself out there in my life I try new things and give it 100%. It’s true: I’m enthusiastic about life and everything I put my energy into including uplifting others. But I think the secret is, I encourage myself first. As the old saying goes, You can’t give away what you don’t have. And the ultimate goal in this world is to share joy, right? So affirm your way there!

Daily Affirmations are beneficial here’s a few more tips

  • Daily affirmations can also be a difficult thing to do. Especially if you are someone who has struggled with self compassion before, saying something nice about yourself is not always the easiest. To begin, we need to identify some of the properties of good affirmations.
  • Affirmations are more beneficial when they are repeated. The more you repeat the same affirmation, the more your unconscious begins to believe it. By continually subjecting our mind to positive thoughts, we are actively changing how brain functions (Shaffer, 2016). Over time we are training our brains to think more positively through self-affirmations.
  • Lastly, write your affirmations down. Saying good things about yourself aloud is one thing, but writing them down increases their potency. Writing an affirmation down allows your mind one more way to absorb the positive message.

Keep on staying positive and enjoy your life with an affirmation to help you pave a way into loving yourself more.

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